Greetings to all , just a notice to all our community and platoon members i want to say that it's not mandatory but you have to play on our server as well because if we see that you don't play on our server when there are players on after a period of time you'll be kicked from our platoon .

also if we see that you play only locker when you're online you are subjected to be kicked because we don't like ppl that play only operation locker /metro 24/7 and we don't like ppl that are in our community / platoon and don't have any intention to play on our server as well .

we're working on building an active community with players that play all game modes / maps and the most important players that PLAY THE DAMN OBJECTIVE!!! , players that are able to play as team players AND NOT!!! e-sports wanna be's or kamikaze one man army because it's not about "YOU" it's about the TEAM and being a TEAM PLAYER !

thanks for your time and attention cheers , good luck and have funĀ laughing

TmGuerrilla a hhahaha :X BFFs